How to take charge of your financial future.

To achieve our national objectives, we rely on all pillars of national power, working together. We have a strong military to dominate in combat and meet our adversaries anywhere in the world. However, a strong military alone is not enough to achieve success in war. We rely on diplomacy and political support to help us achieve our objectives and create the conditions for lasting success.

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Military Branch

Likewise, there are three pillars of financial readiness that work together to create the conditions for lasting financial success. We must have command of our personal financial situation, but if the economic and political environment does not support our progress, it will be nearly impossible to fully achieve our financial objectives.

You take charge of your financial future by working to advance all three Financial Readiness Pillars: Take Charge Of Your Personal Finances, Support Your Principles, and Advocate For Our Financial Future.

The first thing you can do on the path to financial success is increase your awareness of everything that is impacting your wallet, within each of the three Financial Readiness Pillars. We make this easy through our Payday Activities newsletter. Every payday, we deliver the latest news that affects your financial readiness, with guidance about what you can do to take charge of the situation and advocate for our best interests as service members and veterans.


Take Charge Of Your Personal Finances

Nobody loves your money more than you. It is your responsibility to take charge of your personal finances and learn to make the best financial decisions for yourself. This is unique for every individual and may change based upon the situation or as your goals change. Developing the ability to think through a financial decision and manage your unique needs is critical.

You took the first step by signing up for our Payday Activities newsletter. If you want to increase your financial knowledge, we offer a Warfighter’s Financial Planning program. Sign up here to become a beta tester for our book as we build toward our launch in Spring 2019.

Want to take action right now? You click below for our individual coaching program, the Warfighter’s Financial Training Course, to gain insight and develop a personalized financial plan to take control of your financial future.


Support Your Principles

How you spend your money, time, and energy sends a powerful message about what you value and what you want to see more of in the marketplace. You communicate what you value by spending in a way that supports organizations that share your values.

For example, we believe business should be a force for good, that we can make money while supporting each other. We use our Payday Activities newsletter to highlight actions by businesses that impact the military/veteran community, and businesses that are founded by the military and veteran community, or their families.

To Support Your Principles, you first need to identify them, so that you can spend in a way that reinforces them. We’ve developed an exercise to help you identify your Principles.


Advocate For Our Financial Future

The majority of our benefits are centrally controlled by laws or policies that are enacted through the Executive branch and funded by the Legislative branch. We must vote for politicians who don’t just support the troops with kind words, but with concrete action, and we must hold them accountable. In our Payday Activities, we regularly highlight opportunities for you to contact your public officials to share how their decisions will impact you and your family. When you see an issue, be sure to act by contacting your senators and representative to share your story and why it matters to you.

Individual, grassroots efforts are an important part of Advocacy. Another key part is joining a Military Service Organization that professionally advocates to the Congress, the White House, and the Pentagon. You may have already done this part. Organizations like Military Officers Association of America, Association of the United States Army, Fleet Reserve Association, American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and many others do this every day. Supporting them pays you back many times over through the protection of your pay and benefits. Even if you’re not in the military, military family, or spouse, you can still support through organizations like Voices for Troops.


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