The Warfighter’s Financial Readiness Training Program

Increase Your Unit’s Financial Readiness


The Course:

Nothing can reduce you and your team's effectiveness like the fear and overwhelm that comes with personal financial struggle. Protect your team and prevent future problems by training them to take charge of their personal finances.

The group program covers Phase 1 and Phase 2 of The Warfighter's Financial Training Course. It is designed to reinforce your soldiers' military training so that you can improve unit financial readiness and mission effectiveness at the same time.

The course can be conducted as a 2-day weekend intensive for soldiers or soldiers and their spouses,

or through 8 weekly evening sessions (Washington, D.C. area only).

The End State:

Your unit will emerge with a clear financial planning process, the decision making skills to improve their personal finances, and the practice to apply them. 

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The Cost:

$2000 for up to 10 participants,

$500 for every additional 10 participants.


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